I'll forego any polemic I might have on the RCC, for the nonce. This is a legitimate issue. Why are we here? How did we get here? Because we did one thing and forgot another-

1.) We *accommodated*. As regards to Women, over the last 100 years or so, Men were told incessantly that there was no difference between the Sexes (I refuse to use the word, 'Gender'. It refers to Language ONLY. 'Sex' refers to the Objective Fact there are only two biological forms for humans- Male & Female.) we were told that Women were just as good as Men in any task they chose to set their minds to. Guarding & Protecting Women was Insulting & demeaning. So, and I am fairly sure this came primarily from a desire for peace in the home, NOT because we thought it would actually do them good, we gave in. We let Women have everything they wanted.

The results speak for themselves.

2.) We forgot that Nice does not equal GOOD. In our modern Feelings-Based culture, this fact has been all but lost. Some halfway decent parents may still have passed something of it to their children, but in the wider culture, telling someone they 'Can't', or even worse, 'Shouldn't', is one of the greatest sins that can be committed. If you dare to suggest that perhaps it WILL do someone harm where they put their genitalia, or that mutilating it or destroying it, might have serious negative consequences, you will be subjected to all the Wrath of Disapproval that modern society can provide.

To warn someone that something they 'feel' they need may not, in fact, be desirable, is monstrously judgmental. To voice a concern that perhaps 'following your heart', is a dangerous endeavor, as the heart is often a damn liar, is insensitive beyond belief.

If a Man won't stand for what is Right, he will get trampled by all that is wrong.

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It's awesome to see someone writing about the true meanings of magnanimity and meekness! I couldn't agree more. Great essay.

Do you worry that the words might be unsalvageable, though? I do.. Because of language drift, the connotations and even definitions have changed so much we might be better off translating them differently from e.g. Greek or Latin or French.

I've been investigating to find words to replace them. Meekness, I think, could (in today's English) better be called forbearance or longanimity. Magnanimity might be salvageable; if not, perhaps valiance. Valiance means lion-heartedness, high-spiritedness, magnanimity, etc.

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Let me make it clear. I was baptised Catholic. I was told repeatedly "Once a Catholic, always a Catholic".

Perhaps that is true. I demanded that the Pope excommunicate me when the Church bribed and blackmailed Australian politicians to overturn the Northern Territory voluntary euthanasia legislation, even though this was the wish of 90% of Territorians. I got no reply, even though the local NT News repeated it the next day. So I excommunicated myself. DIY damnation. The Catholic Church is implacably opposed to democracy and is, thus, my mortal enemy.

The stigmata of Catholicism is branded so deep I am prepared to speak to those who have supported the corruption and decay of the Catholic Church, especially the un-named driver of Opus Dei, the cardinals and bishops, and the Pope... when the time comes I will take no prisoners. To the paedophiles... your demise will be the most hideous of all.

Planet earth has been invaded by aliens dominated by ignorance, stupidity, sociopathy, and the lust for power and control. It is the responsibiity of all real men to fight and to defeat this invasion, and to ensure it can never return.


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I'd recommend Alexandre Havard's "Virtuous Leadership" for more on magnanimity, humility and modern day leadership. Almost every sentence is worth reflecting on and expanding upon.

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That the US is populated by people, 51% by one count, in the grip of such medieval-delusionism, is probably why it has been so easy to manipulate by the globalists, including the Vatican since Pius the Tenth (according to one Catholic resistance movement of that name). To mix evidence with belief is the epitome of antilogic. Um, when do I get burned at the stake?

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That was eye-opening! I have seen translations which use "gentle" instead of "meek", but the difference didn't truly click with me until reading the article. Passing it along.


Many denominations have pushed out lower T men as well when they dumbed down Christianity in the 60s and 70s. The replacement of dignified services and contemplative music with forced emotionalism and repetitive jingles has driven away many of the types of people that write code, teach in college, and run bureaucracies. Not everyone appreciates a weekly rock concert.

Rant here:


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Nov 18, 2022·edited Nov 18, 2022

Instant follow. Instantly.

I am a “returned to the faith” Catholic who came back by means of deep study of computing and computer science. You are nailing one huge facet of the problems with the church. I absolutely got the signal that aspiring to greatness was something unbecoming of a Catholic, and this is not only bad for Men, it’s bad for the world because it leaves these positions of greatness up to the sociopaths who are going to aspire no matter what. If good men don’t strive for greatness, the only great men will not be good.

I think another area the church is wholly lacking is in promulgating serious theology that actually grapples with theodicy instead of just dropping it with warm and fuzzies. I was at a Jesuit high school and left the faith because I thought science gave us the only reasonable way of pursuing the truth, and I couldn’t see a solution to the is/ouhght problem.

The teachers and school didn’t see this as both a spiritual emergency and an easily rectifiable situation they could have been solved by a sufficiently intelligent, well read priest who could argue from first principles.

Why aren’t those people everywhere?

Peter denied Christ three times before the cock crowed. What does that mean? To me, it possibly signifies three major failures of the Catholic Church before the end time.

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Nice, I agree. I'm your target audience and the weakness of the catholic church and the men in it repel me. Definitely feel the attraction of eastern orthodoxy in comparison. Yet i know that that isn't my blood.

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